Nexgen Natural Sets

After prepping nails, apply Nexgen prep. Apply pro base and dip; repeat this process one more time. Nails can also be extended with tips. When finished, apply activator and fan dry, while continuing onto the other hand. Shape the nails with a file and smooth the surface with a fine carbide bit. Most overlay does not require a lot of drilling. Buff the nails and have your client rinse with water only. Apply activator and then apply the first coat of finish gel. For natural sets, if the clients prefer nail polish, use only ONE coat of finish gel because the first coat of Nexgen finish gel dries in seconds. You can apply nail polish immediately. For clients that choose not to polish their nails, apply a second coat of finish gel. Remember if using nail polish, only one coat of finish gel is required. Also, if using nail polish, apply any regular top coats.