Pink & White Over Lay

After prepping the nails, apply Nexgen prep and have pro base and powder ready. As mentioned before, the correct technique is to pull the brush straight out. It is not recommended to wipe excess pro base onto the opening.  When applying the pro base, start from one side of the nail and work your way to the other side. Make sure to brush lightly with low pressure, this allows the pro base to be spread out evenly. Shake the French White powder side to side in a forward tilt angle to level out the powder, use the client’s finger as a guide. Place the finger on the rim of the jar and slide forward slowly to the desired amount of white; use a finger to tap the excess powder off. Now proceed to dip the finger into the pink powder using a scooping motion. Again, tap the excess powder off. Again, tap the excess powder off of the nail. It is important that the pink powder has a “wet” appearance after the first dip, if not, then not enough pro base was applied to the nail. Now apply the second dip using the same method. Remember to brush lightly with low pressure. When done, apply the activator and fan dry. Continue onto the other hand. When you are finished, shape, smooth, and have your client rinse their hands (no soap). Apply finish gel as instructed.