Pink & White Set With Tips

After completing the nail prep process and applying tips, it is important to straighten out the tips with a file, as well as removing the shine from the tips. This will make it easier to achieve a “French smile line” while dipping. Use a brush to clean the prepped nails.

For this process you will need Nexgen prep, pro base, activator, and finish gel.

Apply the prep to the natural nails. The pro base liquid is very sticky, it is not recommended to wipe any excess liquid off of the brush onto the opening of the bottle, as this may cause clogging of the opening. The correct way to use the pro base, is to dip the brush and acquire the right amount of liquid needed, and pulling the brush straight out. Before applying the pro base, open the French White and desired pink powder. When applying the pro base, start from one side of the nail and work your way to the other side of the nail. Be sure to brush lightly with low pressure, this will allow the pro base to be spread out evenly. Shake the French White powder side to side at a forward tilt angle to level out the powder. Use the client’s finger as a guide; place the finger on the rim of the jar and slide forward slowly to the desired amount of white. Use a finger to tap the excess powder off and then dip the finger into the pink powder using a scooping motion. Again, tap the excess powder off of the nail. It is important that the pink powder has a “wet” appearance after the first dip, if not, then not enough pro base was applied to the nail. Repeat this process one more time.

Remember to brush lightly with low pressure. After the second dip, you may continue dipping the nail into the pink to make the nail thicker. Apply this process to each nail, the scooping method is recommended and shown throughout this DVD. After you have dipped five fingers, the nails will not dry until the activator is applied. Be sure that you (and the customer) are satisfied with the French smile line, if not you can use your drill or file to remove it. This will allow you to redip the nail. When the nails are satisfactory, apply the activator to all five fingernails.

It is important to apply the activator to the ENTIRE nail. Dry the nails with a fan, and start the process on the other hand. After all ten nails are dry; use a file to shape the nails. Nexgen nails are easy to file, and again, a low amount of pressure is sufficient when filing. This will ensure a more comfortable experience for your clients. After shaping the nails, you can use a fine carbide bit or medium grade sand band to smooth out and level the nail. Traditional acrylic nails usually have excess powder around the cuticles, which requires the tech to drill deep into the cuticle and causing the client discomfort, and not to mention damage to the nails. Nexgen nails does drip into the cuticle, but the effect is minimum. Simple low pressure drilling around the cuticles should suffice; this will prevent drill marks from appearing on your clients’ nails. Nexgen is a very light product, which is why low-pressure methods are very efficient. It is important to note that the drill bit is laying flat around the cuticle area. After drilling the nails, use a buffer to further smooth out the nails. After you are finished with each hand, have the customer rinse their hands with only water (no soap). After your client’s hands are washed, you will need activator and finish gel. The activator is needed to dry the finish gel. Apply activator to the first five fingers and fan dry. Proceed to the other hand and again apply activator to each finger and fan dry. We then proceed with two applications of finish gel and fan dry for 1-2 minutes.  After the nails are dried, apply oil to moisturize.